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Save Children to get education and food

Raised: $3,027


This project located in Mombasa slums will provide meals to 300 children and their families during covid 19 pandemic. In addition the project will seek to offer quality education remotely through providing revision papers to the children . The children are unable to access school facility as a result of government restrictions which have banned learning institutions from operating due to covid 19.


Currently as a result of covid 19 schools have been closed and the Kenyan government directive stipulates that schools will be reopened as from next year Janua. Raise education center children have been affected and they are unable to access quality education . Majority of the children reside in the slums of Mombasa and most of their parents have lost their sources of income. This has made it difficult for the parents to provide basic essentials for their children including food and education


The project will enable hte school distribute learning materials to the school through engaging parents. It will also facilitate purchasing of laptops which the teachers will use in virtual classes to some of the children that can access android phones. The project will also run a feeding program to the children whose parents have lost their livelihood as a result of covid 19 pandemic

Long-Term Impact

The project will provide quality education among which will increase literacy levels to 300 children . In addition it will provide meals which will enable the children concentrate at their respective home as they study

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