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Raise education centre is a community project through community based organisation (C.B.O) which is fully registered under certificate No:39750 under ministry of Labour, social security and services,we came up with this project in the community because we realize most of the children in the community they are poor and their parents cannot afford school fees and public schools are too far from the locality like 8-10km away.whereby this low income parents they cannot manage transport neither 3 meals per day and  this kids they will be our future leaders in our country.the children were indulging themselves in criminal activity early sexual behaviour peer group pressure among themselves and also they brought insecurity in the community because of engaging themselves in taking hard drugs this is due to poverty in the families and lack of parental guidance coz most of them they are from single parents we took imitative to rescue the generation from this rotten behaviour and bring sanity and secure security in the community by forming this organisation we started with 10 like minded members .we registered the organisation and we usually donate monthly contribution to cater for the objectives of the centre.we started a comunity school under our organisation where by we were targeting all this children in the community to go to school.we started with 20 children where by we got voluntary teachers and we started looking for willing donor’s who can assist us in providing feeding program in the school this because most of the children were coming to school without food.due to the feeding program the number increase day by day up to now  we have 350 children .we came up with this project of rescue this children from their bad activities we wrote a constitution and came up with our own objectives which are

  • Providing education to the needy childrens
  • Feeding progame to the needy children
  • Supporting basic need for needy children.
we  have a very big challenge in terms of feeding them due to the big numbers of children and paying out teachers we depo on well wishers this is because the monthly contribution which we make was not able to cater for our objective and day to day running the centre.we thank the  agha khan foundation which sponsored more than 50 pupils in paying  for them school fees  and stationery, most of the pupils  came due to feeding program.
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